Lactonova Nutripharm was founded in the Year 2000. It is a vertically integrated Natural products and manufacturing Company having facilities in Southern and Northern parts of India. We are a diverse, global health care Company, a leading developer and manufacturer of nutritional supplements backed by solid scientific evidence serving health care practitioners for more than 18 years and constantly striving to deliver innovative nutritional supplements with more than 100 products and many under development. Lactonova offers product lines specially created for targeted health conditions including metabolicsyndrome, cardiovascular health, Onco wellness, Pregnancy Support, Diabetic Support, Sports, fitness and performance. Endeavoring best to succeed in becoming one of the fastest growing companies through our products and services. Our passion, our talented staff, R&D and our collaborations makes us a leading nutritional supplements company. Lactonova is serving people around the world with the Nutraceutical R&D strategy and partnerships with high quality marketing and selling companies.

            Proprietary Branded Ingredients

Lactosorb complex consists of all natural ingredients which is designed as a controlled release formulation which reduces LDL(BadCholesterol), VLDL, Triglycerides and increases HDL(Good Cholesterol). It stays in the stomach for 10 hrs thereby inhibiting digestion of carbohydrates, binds to the dietary fat and stimulates thermogenesis.

CoQTEN complex  is an advanced formulation which gives 2 to 3 times more absorption by a unique crystal free methodology that keeps CoQTEN complex dissolved over a broader temperature range and greater absorption than dry powder. It gives vital support for cellular energy production and prevents oxidative injury.

Cystocran contains potent cranberry extract and D-mannose which has a Anti-bacterial action and prevents the bacteria from adhering to the urinary tract. Helps build up a superior immune system, stimulates the production of antibiotics, shows antimicrobial action. Cystocran helps in production of WBC and urinary tract infections

Max vision has perfect formulation to support the treatment of age related macular degeneration, cataract and dry eye syndrome. It helps to maintain healthy vision. It combines powerful carotenoids, antioxidants and mesozeaxanthin helps to protect the eyes from Damaging effects of free radicals and also filters high energy radiation to support Macular health .

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