Actiferon is a slow release iron tablets which are easy to swallow and easy on stomach it is rich in iron combining folic acid and physiologically active vitamin B-12 and zinc in delayed release form avoiding the inhibition of iron absorption. Iron in the form of ferrous ascorbate is highly bioavailable as ferrous ion is absorbed three times more than ferric ion in the alkaline PH of intestine.

ACTIFERON contains complete folic acid to support the deficiency during pregnancy . Three hour delayed release of zinc corrects the zinc deficiency during pregnancy , without effecting iron absorption.

Each tablet contains:

 Ferrous bisglycinate* Equivalent to Elemental Iron – 60mg

Adenosylcobalamin – 150mcg

Methylcobalamin – 150mcg

L-Methylfolate calcium – 400mcg

Pyridoxal 5 phosphate – 2.5mg

Zinc bisglycinate – 15mg Prolonged release

10×10 Tablets
1-2 tablets a day or as directed by the healthcare practitioner. Dietary Supplement. Not for medicinal use.
Store in a cool, dry & dark place. Keep out of reach of children.