Citrus Bioflavonoids Analytical Specification

Appearance Pale brown color powder
Solubility Soluble in methanol and soluble in water
Identification by HPLC The retention time of the major peak obtained with sample solution shell corresponds to that of the major obtained in the Standard solution.
Loss on drying (%) (at 105oc for 3 hours) NMT 6.0
Bulk density (g/cc) NLT 0.30
Heavy Metals (ppm) Lead (ppm) Cadmium(ppm) Arsenic (ppm) Mercury(ppm) NMT 10 NMT 3.0 NMT 1.0 NMT 1.0 NMT 1.0
Assay (% on the dried basis)) by HPLC NLT 6.0
Microbial parameters (cfu/gm) Total Bacterial Count Total Fungal Count Pathogens E.coli Salmonella P.aeruginosa S.aureus NMT 1000 NMT 100 Should be absent Should be absent Should be absent Should be absent