CoQ10 Complex Analytical Specification

Appearance Reddish oily color liquid.
Identification By HPLC The retention time of the principal peak in the chromatogram of assay preparation should correspond to that in the chromatogram of standard preparation as obtained in the assay.
Miscibility Should miscible with diethyl ether and ethyl alcohol.
Weight per ml at 250 C NLT 0.80 g/ml
Assay by HPLC (As is the basis) NLT 20.0%
Microbiological Purity Total viable aerobic bacterial count (cfu /g) Fungi (cfu /g) Pathogens Salmonella (cfu /g) S.aureus (cfu /g) E.coli (cfu /g) P.aeruginosa (cfu /g) Not more than 1000 Not more than 100 Should be absent Should be absent Should be absent Should be absent