PRODUCT INFORMATION: Lacto D3 contains Chole Calcitriol. It is the building block of the hormone calcitriol. It works synergistically with para thyroid hormone. Calcitriol increases absorption of calcium and phosphorous (a major component of bones) from the intestine and decreases there excretion in urine. In doing so, Calcium levels in the blood rise and para thyroid levels drop.

Each 1Gram Sachet Contains:

Cholecalciferol 60000 IU

Excipients Q.S.

10X20 Sachets

1/4 to 1 sachet with milk or as directed by the Physician. Should be administered orally mixed with water or beverage. Do not use with very cold or hot liquid. Dietary Supplement. Not for medicinal use.

Store in a cool, dry & dark place. Keep out of reach of children.

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